We think well-chosen music could emphasize and intensify the ceremony ambience. This fact can enhance and highlight the overall atmosphere of the wedding day. Duo Vaclav Tobrman (piano) and Bharata Rajnosek (sax) presents an ideal option for you not only due to an extensive repertoire (more than 1000 wedding songs) but also because of their rich musical experience and ability to adapt to a certain situation and environment straightaway.

Vaclav Tobrman is one of the best pianists in the Czech republic. He succeeded at the Pianist of The Year competition in 2013 (3rd place) and in 2014 (2nd place). Vaclav is able to play both in an emotional way and with a dynamic. Bharata Rajnosek became a secondary school teacher at Conservatory of Jaroslav Jezek in Prague, he is an outstanding multiinstrumentalist and a member of many Czech successful bands. Bharata's style of playing brings the melodic power and uniqueness.

DUO PIANO & SAX can also perform at places without electric power supply.