ADELA ZEJFARTOVA with her band

Adela graduated at the Conservatory in Prague and she is an actress and exceptional singer who cooperated with many theatres and theatre companies. Theatre Semafor (2005-2012), Theatre Company of Julie Juristova (since 2005), Theatre Company of Josef Dvorak (since 2010) and currently she also performs in the Karlin Music Theatre.

Adela is a big fan of the thirties and therefore everyone can hear the singing stars of the silver screen in her voice. She interprets songs of the early American and Czech swing era in the proper fashion coming from this period. The band accompanying Adela is often consisted of a piano/guitar, double bass and saxophone/clarinet/trumpet/violin. Should you have any favourite musical instrument, Adela with her band called Sunny Swing Trio will surely fulfil your wish.

For further information please call on +420 604 733 853