RADIM LINHART with the band

Radim Linhart has been registered in the Guiness Book of Records as a pianist who is able to play more than 3000 songs and compositions by heart. He is a member of the Prague Film Orchestra, Metropolitan Jazz Band, Mejdan Band, Old Timers, Jazz Revenue, Joker's Band and Live Jukebox.

Radim cooperates with many great singers, such as Lee Andrew Davison, Ondřej Ruml, Eva Pilarová, Dasha, Bohuš Matuš, Marta Balejová, Gabriela Fričová, Barbora Swinx, Petr Kroutil, etc..
On the Youtube recording attached there is one of the most favourite lineups of the band – Radim Linhart –trio.

For further information please call on 604 733 853.

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