Jan Rousar is a guitar player, singer and imitator of various famous voices. His repertoire covers all musical genres. He can play either by himself or with a band. Jan is able to play and sing hundreds of songs in which he can properly demonstrate his talent of being a singing imitator. The famous imitations he is often asked for cover: Karel Gott, Richard Muller, Tomas Klus, Ludek Sobota, Hana Zagorova, Dalibor Janda, Louis Armstrong and Elvis Presley.

The Live Jukebox band with Jan as a leader consists the most frequently of a piano player Vaclav Tobrman, Radim Linhart, Jan Koutecky and female singers such as Gabriela Pliskova, Veronika Bergmanova and Petra Obleserova.

Jan's original songs are sung for instance by Ondrej Ruml, Ruda from Ostrava, Petra Hrebickova, Ivana Korolova, Hana Seidlova, Hana Robinson, Nada Valova, etc. On the album called “For hemophilics” there are lyrics written by Ester Kocickova and Milon Cepelka set to music.

On the YouTube link you can see the live record of Live Jukebox – Jan Rousar – quintet.

For more information please call on 604 733 853.

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